The first step is a free initial consultation by telephone which will give you the chance to outline the difficulties you want to address and to discuss the best way forward. To book your initial consultation click on the booking form below and selecting your preferred date and time. You will then receive a confirmation email. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have, and it doesn’t commit you to any further ongoing therapy. We can talk about what you want to achieve and work out the best possible options to suit your individual needs. It’s friendly, informal and completely confidential.

Following the initial consultation the usual arrangement for counselling and psychotherapy is weekly sessions of one hour. This gives you time to reflect on what has been discussed in-between sessions, and sometimes will mean that you carry out activities at home to help the process. The number of sessions varies according to your situation and the difficulties that need addressing, but it is something that we discuss and decide together. You can book each session individually, or take advantage of block booking by clicking on ‘book-now’ below.

There is no fixed number of sessions, sometimes, fortnightly or monthly counselling sessions are more appropriate for a range of different reasons and again this can be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation. Often, after having weekly sessions and beginning to feel better, clients drop down to fortnightly appointments, then down to monthly appointments because they prefer a gradual end to their therapy. All this can be discussed and agreed so that your therapy exactly suits you as an individual.



There are times when everyone experiences difficult, distressing feelings which interfere with everyday life and relationships, and confiding in friends or family members just doesn’t feel right. That’s when it can be helpful to talk things through with a completely neutral person who you know will be supportive and won’t make judgments about what you say.

Whether your problems are from the past, going on right now or impact upon your future, exploring the issues in a confidential place with an experienced, qualified counsellor can help to face challenges, make changes and move forward in the way that is right for you.

We know that it can be daunting to take the first steps towards making changes in your life; sometimes facing difficulties can feel distressing or frightening. But with a little courage and our support you really can begin to understand yourself and your difficulties with more clarity, recognise the things that are holding you back and explore different ways to make positive change happen.

Recognising that you could do with some support is the first step – it’s a strength in itself



My background is in Complementary Therapy and Psychology, and after completing a BA(Hons) in Psychology at the University of Sussex, my post-graduate, professional training in Psychotherapeutic Counselling focussed on the Psychodynamic approach. Since qualifying in 2002 I have also added Cognitive Behavioural techniques to my skills and now work in an integrative way which is highly responsive to each person’s individual needs. Perhaps more importantly I work in a very open and realistic way, explaining everything about the counselling process at the start and answering any questions honestly.


I have been working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist since 2001, providing counselling and therapy for adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties, or seeking self-development. In the past I have worked for the NHS and in schools and I have also worked with groups and with children experiencing anxiety or phobias. My professional experience has covered conditions of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, relationship and sexual problems, gender identity, phobias, low self-esteem, neurosis, paranoia, addiction, trauma, shyness, anger issues and many other kinds of psychological or emotional difficulty.


Over the years, I have worked with many different people, from different backgrounds, each with their own individual experiences. I also work with people who want to understand themselves on a deeper level, or who use therapy as an ongoing way to maintain their happiness and well-being. It is not always easy to face difficulties and find ways to resolve them, but I have seen people again and again find ways to understand themselves in a deeper way and bring about the changes that lead to more positive, fulfilled and interesting ways of living.